Holland Research School of Molecular Chemistry

Confidential advisers at the three participating universities

Each participating university in the HRSMC has it's own set of rules of conduct and proceedings on how to deal with sexual or general intimidation, violence or discrimination. A list of confidential advisors and links are given here.

Read the UvA Rules of Conduct

More specific here's the list of counselors at the Faculteit Natuurwetenschappen, Wiskunde en Informatica (FNWI).

for Personnel

Mw. drs. Y. Chong

Science Park 904

Tel.: 525 5790

E-mail: Y.Chong@uva.nl 


Mw. B.E. Fabius

Science Park 904
Tel.: 525 6970 / 5055
E-mail: B.E.Fabius@uva.nl


For (Ba-Ma students)

Mw. I. Hettelingh
Science Park 904
Tel.: 525 5864
E-mail: I.Hettelingh@uva.nl


23 January 2014