Photophysics, Photochemistry and Photobiology

PPP - October 18 - 31, 2019

The absorption of light and its conversion into other radiation, chemical energy, or heat is of great importance in physics, chemistry, and biology.

rigidochromic probes in action


The development of fast laser and detection techniques has led to considerable insight in the dynamics and mechanisms of photophysical and photochemical processes. This course will provide an overview of experimental aspects of optical spectroscopy, and the application to a variety of systems, with examples ranging from inorganic/molecular to biological/medical fields.

During the course data analysis, statistical methods and parameter estimation will be discussed also.

Different aspects of absorption and emission, intra- and intermolecular relaxation processes, including energy- and electron transfer, will be discussed. The connection between the character of the excited state, and the ensuing photochemical processes will be illustrated with examples. The course will be given by eight lecturers, that are all working in the field of spectroscopy, but with expertise ranging from organic photochemistry to photobiology and forensic science.

rigidochromic probes in action

Format of the course:

This is an interactive course: During six afternoons, a combination of lectures and hands-on exercises will be given. Workshops will be devoted to exercises, topical discussion, and data treatment. During the course, participants will also study a scientific paper (in small groups) and give a presentation about it on the final (sixth) day. For this, participants will also have to come up with at least one discussion question for the papers presented by the other groups.



PhD students, Postdocs and advanced undergraduates

Recommended prior knowledge

(if applicable)



Organized every 3 years.  The next course is organized October 18 - 31, 2019. 

Credit Points:

3 ECTS       

Published by  Holland Research School of Molecular Chemistry

1 July 2019