Selection and criteria

How to apply for 'HRSMC Excellence Programme'

Admission to this special HRSMC Excellence Programme is granted based on a strict selection procedure which comprises a written application and an interview with the Board of the HRSMC and the scientific director of the HRSMC .


For Dutch students:

With an average BSc grade of 8 or higher (cum laude) you are automatically selected for an interview.  Is your average grade below 8 you have to present a recommendation letter of an (assistant/associate) professor in which evidence is provided that you belong to the 10% of your cohort.

For Foreign students:

You have to present compelling evidence that you are in the top 10% of your cohort, supported by a recommendation letter of an (assistant/associate) professor. Average BSc grades are less crucial since foreign grades systems can differ from the system in the Netherlands.


You can apply by providing the HRSMC office

  • your BSc grades
  • a motivation letter 
  • a recommendation letter (if necessary, see the criteria above)

Applications can be sent by  to HRSMC Coordinator Ms. Dr. R. Scheffelaar.

Please note: the deadline for application start September 2019 is June 14, 2019.
Interviews are planned June 21.

Selected students will be invited for an interview with an HRSMC Board member and the scientific director of the HRSMC. For foreign students an interview via telephone can be arranged.

Final selections will be made after the interviews.

Published by  Holland Research School of Molecular Chemistry

24 June 2019