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The HRSMC Excellence Traject

Training in synthesis, spectroscopy and theory

Excellence Traject

This special inter-university (UvA-VU and UL) and multidisciplinary Excellence Traject has been developed for talented chemistry students. It guides them to become an expert in synthesis, spectroscopy and theory and helps them to build their network amongst staff members of three different Universities. Furthermore, students will write a research proposal in the final stage of their master thereby have a change to be supported by the HRSMC Board to obtain a PhD position from other funding sources, preferentially within the HRSMC but otherwise elsewhere.

The student follows this Excellence Traject within one of the UvA-VU or UL Chemistry tracks.

The Excellence Traject comprises at least 15 EC extra to the regular master programme and the total has to be finished in 2.5 years. The 15EC, including marks, will be mentioned on the extracurricular part of the Master diploma/degree.

The 15 EC (minimum) are composed of:

  • One rotation (6 EC) in a different city, finished with a grade (positive).
  • One cursorial course (6EC) in a different city, finished with a grade (positive).
  • Writing a research proposal (3EC), assessed with a ‘pass’.


The HRSMC Excellence students can also participate in HRSMC courses, attend one HRSMC school and join the annual Symposium. Fees will be covered by the HRSMC. These components are not subject to examination and will not appear on

the diploma supplement. After completion of the HRSMC Excellence Traject the student will receive a HRSMC certificate specifying the HRSMC courses, school and symposia.


 It is a unique, challenging  traject because of its interdisciplinary and interuniversity aspects. Current students confirm this:

“It is hard work but you get a lot in return: more involvement in HRSMC Courses and you get into much closer contact with Research groups during your Master than normally would be the case. It is good for your personal development and networking.”


We aim for the top 10 percent of students - not only from participating universities but also from other institutions and abroad.

Admission is granted based on a strict selection procedure which comprises a written application and an interview with the Board and the scientific director of the HRSMC.

Download the full details of the traject here