HRSMC research groups

Overview of all participating groups


Group /University/ staff members


Biocatalysis (UvA/HIMS)

Dr. F. Mutti


Heterogeneous Catalysis and Sustainable Chemistry (UvA/HIMS)

Prof. dr. G. Rothenberg1, Dr. S. Grecea, Dr. N.R. Shiju, Dr. N. Yan


Homogeneous, Supramolecular and Bio-Inspired Catalysis (UvA/HIMS)

Prof. dr. B. de Bruin1, Prof. dr. J.N.H. Reek1, Dr. A.W. Ehlers, Prof. dr. C.J. Elsevier, Dr. T.J. Mooibroek, Dr. Ir. J.I. van der Vlugt


Metals in Catalysis, Biomimetics & Inorganic Materials (UL/LIC)

Prof. dr. E. Bouwman1 , Dr. S. Bonnet, Dr. D. Hetterscheid

Biomimetic Chemistry ( VU, EMS)

Prof. dr. T.N. Grossmann


Synthetic and Bio-organic Chemistry (VU/EMS)

Prof. dr. ir. R.V.A. Orru, Dr. E. Ruijter


Synthetic Organic Chemistry (UvA/HIMS)

Prof. dr. J.H. van Maarseveen, Prof. dr. P. Timmerman,
Dr. M.Á. Fernández-Ibáñez, Dr. S. Ingemann, Dr. J.C. Slootweg


Synthetic Organic Chemistry (RU/SOC)

Prof. dr. F.P.J.T. Rutjes, Dr. T.J. Boltje, Dr. M.C. Feiters


Biomolecular Spectroscopy (VU/LaserLaB)

Dr. F. Ariese


Biophysical Organic Chemistry (UL/LIC)     

Prof. dr. H.J.M. de Groot, Dr. Alia, Dr. F. Buda, Dr. G.J.A. Sevink           


Laboratory Astrophysics and Astrochemistry (UL/LION)

Prof. dr. H.  Linnartz


Molecular Nano-Optics and Spins (UL/LION)

Prof. dr. M. Orrit, Dr. P. Gast, Dr. M. I. Huber


Molecular Photonics (UvA/HIMS)

Prof. dr. A.M. Brouwer, Prof. dr. W.J. Buma, Prof. dr. S. Woutersen, Dr. ir. A. Petrignani-Taube, Dr. R. M. Williams, Dr. H. Zhang
Guest Appointment: Dr. S. Castellanos Ortega (ARCNL)


Molecular Structure and Dynamics - FELIX / Molecular and Biophysics (RU/IMM)

Prof. dr. J. Oomens, Dr. J.M. Bakker, Dr. A.M. Rijs


Surface Chemistry and Catalysis (UL/LIC)

Prof. dr. M. Koper1, Dr. W.T. Fu, Prof. dr. I.M.N. Groot, Dr. D. Hetterscheid, Dr. L.B.F. Juurlink


Computational Chemistry (UvA/HIMS)

Prof. dr. P.G. Bolhuis, Prof. dr. E.J. Meijer, Dr. B. Ensing, Dr. D. Dubbeldam, Dr. J. Vreede


Theoretical Chemistry (VU/EMS)

Prof. dr. F.M. Bickelhaupt1, Prof. dr. L. Visscher, Prof. dr. C. Fonseca Guerra, Prof. dr. P. Gori Giorgi, Dr. O. Gritsenko


Theoretical Chemistry (UL/LIC)

Dr. J. Meyer


Theoretical Chemistry (RU/IMM)

Prof. dr. ir. G.C. Groenenboom, Dr. H.M. Cuppen


Theory in Surface Chemistry and Catalysis (UL/LIC)

Dr. Katharina Doblhoff-Dier


Biomolecular Simulation and Modeling (VU, EMS)

Dr. D.P. Geerke

1also NIOK

Published by  Holland Research School of Molecular Chemistry

20 June 2019