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Publishing a high-impact paper or being awarded a big research grant are career makers for a scientist. Writing high-impact science requires polish and politics. So your success will depend not just on your ability to write clearly and succinctly, but also your ability to identify and communicate with confidence the core messages of your research. In this workshop, we will learn effective scientific writing and then take what we learned to prepare an actual scientific manuscript. You will read and edit both published and unpublished scientific manuscripts, and you will prepare your own scientific manuscript.

Event details of High Impact Writing Course
Start date 2 June 2021
End date 10 June 2021
Time 15:00
Ulrike Müller en Otto Berg
Course leaders Dr. Ulrike Müller and Dr. Otto Berg

Scientist Instructor 
This course is taught by active scientists. Dr. Ulrike Müller has published in and reviewed for high-impact journals (Nature, Science), has worked as an editor for four scientific journals (including as editor in chief), and has written and reviewed grant proposals for European and American agencies. She is currently a professor at California State University Fresno. Dr. Otto Berg is a physical chemist who has collaborated and published across many disciplines. He is a scientific writing coach for top scientists and a faculty at California State University Fresno. Both have worked as international scientists at more than ten universities in four countries in Europe, America, and Asia.  

Target Group 
The workshop is aimed at graduate research students and post-docs who have some experience in writing scientific papers and might have taken an introductory workshop on scientific writing. This workshop is most useful to researchers who plan to submit grant proposals or hope to publish their research in a high-impact journal. The course is useful for scientists across all disciplines. 

Max. participants: 25 
Course duration:  4 half days (2,3,9 and 10 June from 15:00-18:00) 
Language: English (Dutch, German, and Finnish possible if desired) 
Platform: Zoom (online) 
Fee: € 50,- for HRSMC members, € 60,- for non members

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