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Lorentz Centre summer school (17-21 June 2019) in Multi-Scale Modelling

A Lorentz Centre summer school (17-21 June 2019) offers training to up to 25 young researchers - PhDs, PDs, and early stage researchers - in 

the fundamentals of multi-scale modelling and practicalities associated with performing multi-scale simulations. The training will provide expert 

insight in several techniques (QM, MD, CGMD, field-theoretic methodologies) as well as in systematic coarse-graining, MS/hybrid developments 

and machine learning, focussing on both the fundamentals and current developments. 


Young researchers with an interest in participating are invited to apply at no costs via the link Since admittance will be subject to availability

and the requirement of a gender balance, please indicate that you are 'not invited but interested to participate’ when registering. 

Please also indicate your interest in attending the second week, which will be a scientific workshop.

You can contact the local organiser, dr Agur Sevink (, for further inquiries.