Holland Research School of Molecular Chemistry

Wednesday afternoon, May 22 HRSMC lab visit to the Leiden Facilities

in collaboration with The Leiden Institute of Chemistry (LIC) and Leiden Institute of Physics (LION)

30 April 2019

Following the advice of the Education Committee of the HRSMC, we organize lab visits within HRSMC Research Theme 2 (Physical Chemistry and Spectroscopy). As within research theme 2 a lot of specialized equipment is used, these lab visits are organized to share expertise and knowledge, and to stimulate collaboration between UvA, VU, UL and RU research groups.

All PhD students, postdocs and staff members from other HRSMC affiliated groups are invited. However, this activity is also interesting for the MSc student within the HRSMC Excellence MSc Programme.



13:00 Welcome and Introduction, the group may be splitted between the LION and the LIC.

13:30 – 15:00 tour  1

15:00 – 15:30 break

15:30 – 17:00 tour 2

17:00 drinks


Topics/setups *:

Reactor-STM setups (Irene Groot, presented by Asad Syed Shah)

High Vacuum Reactors (Ludo Juurlink, presented by Sabine Auras and Richard van Lent)

Electrochemical setups combined with Surface Enhance Raman Spectroscopy, On-Line Mass Spectrometry, Microbalance techniques, Rotating Disks (Marc Koper/Dennis Hetterscheid, presented by Daan den Boer and Nicole Smits)

High Field EPR (Martina Huber, presented by Edgar Groenen)

Leiden University NMR facilities (Karthick Sai Sankar Gupta, Fons Lefeber)

Photochemistry setups (Sylvestre Bonnet)


*Names of the presenters can change.

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