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The confirmed speakers of the school are, in alphabetical order: Ilaria Ciofini, Roberta Croce, Roberto Etchenique, Roel van de Krol, Timothy Noël

The 6th HRSMC/EPA Advanced Summer School on Photochemistry is intended for PhD students, postdocs, and interested scientists active in the field of photochemistry, and for those who make use of photochemical or photophysical methods in their research. The school will cover several essential topics in photochemistry, ranging from the fundamentals of photoreactions, spectroscopy, and computational photochemistry, to applications such as solar energy conversion and photomedicine.

The school is organised in the days leading up to the 28th PhotoIUPAC Conference in Amsterdam. Students attending both events will receive a discount on the Conference in Amsterdam.

You have to register for the school first though!

Check out our programme here and register at via the link below!