Holland Research School of Molecular Chemistry


ECTS for Master Students

If Master students would like to obtain 3 ECTS for this course, the exam is obligatory. 

For students of the UvA, VU, UL and RU, the maximum is 3 ECTS. This cannot be extended.
At the  University of Utrecht and the University of Groningen, there are no courses of 3 EC, here you can submit an extra paper. For more information, contact

Dr. Marc-Etienne Moret (UU) or Dr. Edwin Otten (RUG).

At other universities  this 3 ECTS can be extended by submitting an extra paper (for more information, see the study guide of your university).

ECTS for PhD Students

PhD students from NIOK/HRSMC do not have to take the exam.
Participation in the Summer School is credited with 2 ECTS.


Published by  Holland Research School of Molecular Chemistry

11 September 2018