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Research proposal

One of the criteria for the HRSMC Class of Excellence certificate is writing a research proposal (3EC). It is compulsory to submit the research proposal and the proposal should be assessed with a pass. The research proposal will be mentioned on the extracurricular part of the Master diploma/degree.

During the second year the students will choose two staff members of different HRSMC research groups for discussions and consultations regarding the research subject for their research proposal. Students have complete freedom in choosing a topic as long as it fits within the research programme of the HRSMC. The same topic can be chosen as covered by the literature thesis.

Students write their proposal following a template that can be downloaded via the link below. Moreover they have the possibility to defend their proposal for a panel of HRSMC staff members (see Pitch). 

All information regarding submission and deadlines for 2024 can be found below:

April 26, 2024:  Final date for the student to provide the HRSMC ( two names of staff members from different HRSMC research groups and two different HRSMC research themes who are involved in the research proposal. Also a third name needs to be given of a staff member who is not directly involved in the proposal and who serves as an independent reviewer. Students should make sure that these staff members have already agreed to be involved with the assessment of the proposal.
May 24, 2024: Final date for the student to send the research proposal to the HRSMC. The HRSMC will forward the research proposal to the three staff members.
June 7, 2024: The indicated staff members assess the research proposal with a pass or no pass.
June 7, 2024: Final registration date pitch
- July 2, 2024: Pitch (optional) 


The Pitch is optional, no ECs will be granted. Participation in the pitch contest is not obligatory for completing the HRSMC Excellence Traject and obtaining the certificate. To rank the proposals during the pitch contest, there will be an independent jury. Every pitch will take 5 min after which  the committee will ask questions for 5-10 min. The research proposals will not be sent to the jury. They will only make a ranking based on the pitch and discussion afterwards.

The winner can choose between:

  • € 1500,- (for a contribution) to attend a conference or course/training. This conference or course/training needs to take place within one year after graduation and needs to be approved by the HRSMC (e.g. no psychology course on Ibiza or Hawaii :D)


  • €450,-  (free to spend)

Registration Research proposal on extracurricular diploma supplement

For UvA/VU students: You have to fill in the form below (Course number: 5254HRRP3Y) and let it sign by Prof. dr. Wybren Jan Buma. Then, you have to give this to the UvA FNWI Education desk  to become registered.

For UL students: You have to fill in the form below (course number HRSMC Research Proposal: 4423HRSP3Y) and then, your supervisor has to hand in the signed form to the UL Science Student Administration to register your proposal.