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The HRSMC PhD Mobility programme aims to support and reinforce high-quality research within the HRSMC. Within the programme, visits of HRSMC-affiliated PhD students to outstanding foreign research groups to perform research there are financed.

 The HRSMC strongly welcomes applications, which

  • show that the proposed research is not possible within one of the HRSMC-affiliated research groups, and
  • are directed towards fundamental, not directly application-driven research.

What can be applied for

Visits to outstanding, foreign research groups with a minimum of 1 week and a maximum of 6 months are supported. Grants can be requested to help to meet the costs of subsistence and travel. The following rates apply:

Subsistence costs:

€1000 per month.

Travel costs:

The maximum amount of grant depends on the country in which the research is performed. For research in Europe the maximum is €500, for research outside Europe max €1500 (based on the cost of second class rail or tourist class air travel). There is no compensation for consumables or other research cost.

Who can apply?

PhD students who are member of the HRSMC and not yet in their final half year of their PhD contract.

Applications in which staff members of 2 or more different research groups are involved have a higher priority for funding (if other aspects are comparable).   

Applications can be submitted twice a year, before April 1 and before October 1 and can be sent to

After granting, the visit should start within one year after the approval date and the last day of the visit should be within the PhD contract.

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