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Annual Report 2014

Highlights of 2014

2014 was an extraordinary year for the HRSMC. At our Annual Symposium we celebrated our 20-year anniversary. Keynote lectures were held by Prof. dr. Erick W. Carreira and Nobel laureates Prof. dr. W.E. Moerner (2014), Prof. dr. Arieh Warshel (2013) and Prof. dr. Roald Hoffmann (1981). Furthermore, there were three staff lectures and eight PhD lectures and a lecture by thewinner of the Dick Stufkens prize. This year, the Dick Stufkens prize was awarded at the Symposium to Dr. Tjøstil Vlaar (VU).

Lecture by W.E. MoernerPhoto by Hanne Nijhuis
Lecture by W.E. Moerner during Symposium.Foto Hanne Nijhuis.

As in previous years, in 2014, the HRSMC has put much effort in providing the PhD students with outstanding courses and maintaining the co-operations with other research groups and institutions.

The HRSMC educational activities of 2014:

  • The two weeks HRSMC Course ‘Molecular Simulation’, organized under the auspices of CECAM (January 6-17 2014, UvA)
  • HRSMC Course ‘Photophysics, Photochemistry & Photobiology’ (March 31 - April 11 2014, UvA/VU)
  • HRSMC/NIOK Summer School ‘Advanced Metal-Organic Chemistry and Catalysis’ (June 30 – July 4 2014 - Willibrordhaeghe, Deurne)
  • The research groups of Prof. dr. H. Hiemstra (UvA) and Prof. dr. R.V.A. Orru (VU) organized several ‘Synthetic Chemistry problem solving sessionsIn addition to these Courses, the following special activities were organized:
  • Following the advice of the Education Committee, the second HRSMC lab visit within research theme 2 (‘Physical Chemistry and Spectroscopy’) was organized at the UvA on June 16. After an introduction, the laboratories were visited by PhD students,postdocs and staff members from other UL, VU and UvA HRSMC groups. As within research theme 2 a lot of specialized equipment is used, this lab visits were organized to share expertise and knowledge, and to stimulate collaboration.

PhD Platform

On November 21, after the Lustrum Symposium, a HRSMC Social Event for PhD and PostDoc Researchers, was organized by some members of the PhD Platform. The event was attended by ca. 90 members. After the Symposium the Platform welcomed two new members, Colet te Grotenhuis and Francesco Zaccaria. They will replace Heleen Meuzelaar, Tibert van der Loop, Jan-Hein Hooijschuur and Angela den Dunnen, who will all defend their thesis in 2015.


In 2014, the staff members have been very successful in receiving funding and prestigious awards.  Also, the various groups published  in high impact journals.The group of Prof. dr. Gadi Rothenberg (Heterogeneous Catalysis and Sustainable Chemistry, University of Amsterdam) became a member of the HRSMC,reinforcing research theme 1, ‘Synthesis, Characterisation, Reactivity and Properties of Molecules'.  As of September 2014, Dr. Moniek Tromp started in a Tenure Track position on Sustainable Chemistry.

These are just a few of the many news items and accomplishments  We invite you to download our Annual Report for a complete overview of highlights and activities.