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On June 23, five students of the HRSMC Class of Excellence have defended their research proposal for a jury of HRSMC staff members and two members of the external advisory committee of the HRSMC. The  research  proposal  is  an  obligatory  part  of  the  HRSMC  Class  of Excellence, a programme for  excellent chemistry master students.

Melania Kozdra Winner Pitch Prize
Melania Kozdra

Although the jury explicitly remarked that all students had done an excellent job, they voted  Melania Kozdra as the winner of the pitch contest. The jury was very much impressed by her pitch and the subsequent discussion with the jury members, and therefore decided to award her with the HRSMC Class of Excellence Pitch Prize. 

The  prize  consists  of  €1500,‐  (for  a  contribution)  to  attend  a  conference  or  course/training.  This  conference or course/training needs to take place within one year after graduation and needs to be approved by the HRSMC.